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About XML Sitemap Generator

The Free Sitemap Generator creates sitemaps as defined by Google for free. Enter your website’s URL, submit, and our tools will generate a sitemap within seconds. Remember to submit the generated sitemap to Google. With our Free Sitemap Generator, you can adjust the Modified date, and how often you need it to change (Change Priority, Frequency, and the number of pages you need to crawl).

What is a Sitemap?

This is an XML file which lists all pages for a site and all the additional metadata about every URL. The metadata includes the Modified date and how often it adjusts. Some functions include Change Frequency, Priority and the importance of each URL relative to the other URLs in the website. The online XML presents listed pages to search engines for crawling. Often, web crawlers find web pages from links that are within a website, as well as, from external links to a website. The Free Sitemap Generator will allow crawlers to find and learn about all the URLs available in the Sitemap.

Why do you need the sitemap generator?

You need an unlimited sitemap generator for two significant reasons. First, it will inform various search engines about the pages available on your site. This increases the visibility of your valuable pages to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, et cetera. It also ensures proper indexing of the web pages. Second, the Sitemap Generator will provide additional information about your website to search engines. This complements their traditional web crawling methods.

The Free Sitemap Generator will, however, be particularly helpful if;

-  Your website is new
-  Your site has dynamic content that’s generated by CMS like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal
-  Your website has a lot of web pages some of which are not indexed
-  Your site has complex navigation
-  You do not have a Google PageRank
-  Some pages are not accessible