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About Whois Checker

Whois look-ups in the past days were carried out via a command line interface software. However, the system evolved for the better, thereby enabling the current generation to use simpler and faster alternative web-based tools.

What is Whois checker tool?

This is a tool specifically designed to collect crucial and important information about a certain domain very fast. These website information include;

-IP addresses.

-Domain registrar.

-Expiration date.

-Server name.


-Domain status.

-Contact information.

-Name and Email address of domain administrators.

How to use the Whois Checker tool.

A Whois database comprises of text record sets for each resource. These text records are filled with a lot of information about the resource as well as information of assignees and registrants. It also contains any associated information such as administrative creation and expiry dates.

The algorithm used in the Whois lookup tool can scrutinize up to 10 domains at a go and generate data instantly. The procedure to be followed is quite simple as all it entails is inputting the websites URLs in the box provided, then clicking onto the check button and voila! the details of your website will be at your display.

Our Whois tool can be used to find data for any domain name. This it does by searching the databases of registrars and registries in order to display the Whois data searched, including the contact information of the domain name registrant.

Whois information look-ups.

Whois information can be kept and looked up in two formats:

Thick look-ups: This Whois server stores the complete set of Whois information for the particular set of data for all registrars. This means that a single Whois server is connected and can interact with Whois information on all domains.

Thin look-ups: This server only stores the the name of the registrar of the domain which subsequently has all the information on the data that is being sought.