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About Domain into IP

As IT and ICT knowledge and skills continue to evolve day by day, they have positive and negative repercussions. Over the years, cybercrime has grown considerably owing to this technological advancement. Consequently, important data has been stolen, not to mention criminals breaking bank firewalls and channeling billions of dollars to their own accounts. Therefore, for your personal data security and to know about the legitimacy of websites, you need to know more about them. This tool is necessary to help you to avoid exposing your personal data to untrusted websites.

How Does it Work?

Domain into IP is designed to tell you about a website’s IP address; the website’s ISP address, and the nation where that website’s server is located. All that you have to do is to paste the name of that domain, and then submit that form to be converted into IP address. It is the host server’s address that the IP address is converted to.

This tool also has additional tools that include the following:

•  The IP Address of a Website - You can check the geographic location and the IP address of any website with this reliable tool.
•  Domain Checker of Reverse IP – This tool will also tell you about all the sites that share the same web server.
•  Class C’s IP Checker – This tool is very specific, and it distinguishes whether your IP address is in class C or otherwise.
•  It is a DNS Records Finder – You can conveniently get a website’s DNS records with this tool.


With this tool, it is very easy for you to avoid crossing redlines by verifying the legitimacy of a website before engaging in any serious business with it. In fact, it is highly recommendable for financial institutions like banks, companies, government vessels, parastatals, institutions, businesses, IT persons not to mention all internet surfers.