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About Broken Links Finder

A Broken Links Checker is an SEO tool that allows blog and website owners to analyze their sites for any available broken links. Having broken links on your website can be very damaging. It is one of the harmful aspects that lower your website’s goodwill. Among the damage caused by broken links include;

•  Stopping a search engine site crawler in their tracks. This damages your ranking through preventing Yahoo, Google, Bing, among other search engines from indexing the affected pages.

•  It affects user experience. A broken link damages your user’s experience by redirecting them to error pages.

With our handy broken link checking tool, you can identify any broken links on your site’s webpages and resolve the errors.

You also understand that link building is very important when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. However, sometimes, link building is the most challenging and tricky part. Having quality links on your web pages creates an important virtual web that allows various search engine bots to move easily from one website (or web page) to another. Therefore, having even one link break can adversely damage this virtual web, leading to negative search rankings. Even worse, your website can be lost from Search Engine results. This stresses to need to have a top-quality Broken Links Checker.

Use our broken link checking tool to find all the broken links in your website so that you can either correct them or eliminate them and increase your website’s performance. You can also use our 301 Redirection Tool to redirect the broken links test.

For better SEO, however, it is highly recommended that you check the number of links available on your website. You can do this by using our Website Links Counter. You can then use the Broken Links Checker to determine how many of these links are broken.