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About Website Screenshot Generator

The Online Website Screenshot Generator is a crucial tool that will put you in a position to capture any web links instantly and provide you with the thumbnail or screenshot when you need them. This essential and free tool is relatively straight-forward and would be simple to use even for those who aren’t yet webmasters. All that the screenshot capture tool requires you to do is feed in a specific website URL and will go on to complete the rest of the task. Once it has taken the screenshot, it allows you to save the thumbnail in jpeg format. If you are thinking of saving the screenshot image in the responsive environment, you are free to make use of another tool called the Screenshot Resolution Simulator. Our tool won’t paste any watermarks on the images so this makes it possible to use the image on your favorite social media sites if you want to.

Taking the screenshot of a website has proven to be quite a tricky and tedious job for anybody who has ever tried it before. Fortunately, the website screenshot generator has made this task fast and easy to achieve. The fact that this tool is user-friendly ensures that you won’t experience any hitches while using it.

How can a website owner use the website screenshot generator tool?

Taking a screenshot or saving thumbnails is a routine activity that most of us take part in every day. This is something that would be very useful in a variety of situations. If you run a blog, taking screenshots would have been made easy for you. The same way, if you are a guest blogger, you can use the screenshot image to pin on your Pinterest board. The images captured from your website can be used on social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc.