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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

What does Code to text ratio mean?

The Code to text ratio is a representation of a content text in relation to HTML code in percentage form. In other words, it is a percentage of all the text on a webpage. Every website has a specific amount of backened code as well as a specified amount of content text at the front. This information is portrayed by search engine bots and is known as the text to HTML ratio.

Why is the Code to text ratio important?

For SEO this ratio is applied in engines to calculate how relevant a webpage is. If it is high, it basically means that you have more text content than your code hence it would be more readable and comprehensible to the web users. This definitely accrues to your webpage having little or no traffic bouncing as well as giving you a good ranking in the google SERPs. In addition to all that, it offers you a head-start for optimization as compared to your competitors.

Even though some search engines do not use this ratio in their algorithm, many do.

Code to text ratio checker.

This tool helps you check whether you have more text content than your than your HTML code as this affects how understandable your text will be for people. This aspect of the tool can help you minimize on your websites' bounce rate. Moreover, user experience is enhanced as search bots are able to easily locate your content thus making web traffic satisfied with what your site has to offer.

What is the optimum HTML to text ratio?

An ideal text to HTML ratio lies between 25 to 70 percent and is visible as text ratio as opposed to the non-visible HTML elements. The Google panda update that was released by the search engine Google places more stress on content-driven sites. A good content-driven site has more text ratio than HTML code.