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About Word Counter

Our Word Counter is a free online tool that will help you determine the number of words in a written piece. You can also use the tool to determine the number of characters that your piece of writing has. You can use it while typing, and it will automatically show your number of words or you can also copy-and-paste your document into the Free Word Counter. The number of characters and words in that document will be displayed.

The word counting tool is also helpful as regards the Google Panda Policy since you have to make the word count in an article at least 350 to 500 words. Again, our online editor will help you improve your writing style and word choice. Optionally, the online editor can also help you in detecting plagiarism and grammar errors. The Word Counter has an auto-save feature that will ensure that you won’t lose parts of your text while editing. This is the case even when you leave the website and visit it later.

It is important to know the word count in any piece of writing. For instance, if you have to write some specified maximum or minimum number of words for, say, a story, a dissertation, a paper, or report, you will need a reliable word counter to help you stay within the required word or character limit.