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About What is my Browser

Our What is my Browser tool enables users to check their web browsers and their current versions. It is a valuable tool when you don’t have an idea what browser you are using. The tool will automatically grab important browser information and display it on your device screen. Here are is what will be included in the report generated by the tool;

•  Your Browser
•  The browser version you are currently using
•  Your OS (Operating System). For instance, windows 7
•  The user agent

Other pieces of info include the languages, whether or not Javascript is enabled, your device’s screen, resolution and color depth, etc. The What is my Browser tool will also check for any malicious plugins or extensions installed. If it finds any, it will alert you so that you can delete the extensions or plugins.

Why You Need Your Browser’s Information

Sometimes, you may have a technical issue arising from your browser. The issues may make loading pages slower and affect your browsing experience. Therefore, having a tool such as What's my Browser proves important to assist you to troubleshoot the technical issues.

Again, perhaps you want to build a new website, and you’d want to find out how it appears on various browsers. You may install a variety of browsers and use this tool to know as much as possible about the browser and then modify your application or website accordingly.

Our top-quality browser info tool is simple to use yet very efficient. It is user-friendly, straightforward and can be used by anyone. With this tool, you will find out as much detail about your browser as possible so that you can then decide whether or not to update it or even get a different browser. Our tool is highly advanced, and it will give you results within seconds.