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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Every website or blog has a unique IP address. Search engines will locate your website using its IP address. Most websites have dynamic IP addresses, and sometimes, websites share a similar dynamic IP address. Now, a Reverse IP Domain Checker is essential when you wish to know who else shares your dynamic IP address.

The Reverse IP Domain Utility will give you a list of all the domains of websites sharing your IP address. The tool is especially important when your site visitors complain about having issues in trying to find your site on the internet. Again, sometimes, you may start getting errors on your site’s web pages. These two issues, among others, can occur when you are sharing an IP address with another site that is not working as it should. Therefore, having an advanced Reverse IP Domain Utility helps.

With the tool, you can run a reverse IP Address look-up to find out which domains are using the same dynamic IP address as yours. You will then find out whether the websites are working properly or if they have any problems. If they are fine, then you will know that the errors are on your website. You can then go ahead and check your website’s HTML code to determine the problem. Again, if the HTML code is fine, then the problem could be arising from your hosting service provider.

To use our Reverse IP Domain Checker, enter the URL or domain name of the website whose shared dynamic IP address you wish to check. The tool will check the IP address of the URL you entered and then list the domains that share that IP address. Click on any of the domains and the utility will open the website. You realize that you will not only know the domains sharing your IP address but the number of websites sharing it as well.