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About Domain Age Checker

Our Online Domain Age Checker helps you to know the age of your site which is very helpful when determining a website’s ranking on search engines. The tool will also show you the age of your competitors’ websites.

Some search engines consider domain age when ranking websites. When this is the case, older domains often get the upper hand given that they have built credibility over long periods in the eyes of various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you want to purchase an aged domain, then our online Domain Age Checker comes in handy.

Besides the age, the tool also provides specific information including the date when the domain was created, when it was updated, and when it will expire. In addition, you will get to know the domain’s IP address and its name servers.

So why does a domain’s age matter?

Here are a few reasons the age of a domain matters;

Established reputation

As noted, some older domains have most likely established credibility and a good reputation over the years. This is a big plus since most of these domains have very good rankings on search engines.

Larger link profile

Older domains often perform better on search engines since they have built some high-quality backlinks. Quality backlinks are an important aspect in Google rankings.


An aged and well-established domain is more likely to have a good amount of traffic regularly. With a new domain, it often takes a lot of effort, time, and even money to start getting some fair traffic on your website.

However, if you’re planning to buy an aged domain, be careful since some may have a bad reputation. For instance, it may have been blocked or tagged as malware or spam by some users. Our Free Domain Checker will help you determine whether an aged domain is worth your money.