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Alexa traffic rank is computed by using data that has been collected from millions of Alexa Toolbar users over a period of three months. This rank is generally seen as established and preferred quality traffic measuring stick in the market. The Free Alexa rank Checker enables you to instantly view the Alexa rank of your site within a short time. The results of your webpage rank are displayed in the form of a traffic graph showing six months of visitor traffic. All you have to do is enter the URL of your website into the tool’s URL field then touch on the “Get Rank” button for results to be instantly displayed. Your Alexa rank is displayed alongside a traffic graph that represents the past six months of visitors logging onto your website.

The Alexa rank is a measure that incorporates page views and visitors to determine the amount of traffic experienced. This three-month change is calculated by considering the present rank of your website and comparing it to the rank your site had three months ago.

Our free Alexa rank Checker tool allows you to know whether you are getting enough number of viewers to your site based on how it ranks against the rest of your competitors. Our tool features among the most freely available tools that you can use to determine the position of your site among a sea of similar sites found on the web.

Our Alexa rank Checker tool has proven to be very crucial to website owners. This is because it allows them to check their website’s real-time position on the Alexa ranking system. A higher rank guarantees that you have enough traffic flowing to your site and vice-versa. This tool will help you to assess how your site is performing and show you the benefits you get from linking partners.