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About Keyword Position Checker

Our free Keyword Position Checker tool enables you to view your keyword position ranking on Yahoo or Google. You can spot-check the rank of your keyword position ranking in the major search engines for particular words to know which keywords are good for your website, or check if there’s more to be done.

The Google keyword position checker lets you get an accurate representation of the SERPs to your site for targeted keywords. All this happens in real time.

How does this tool work?

The keyword position checker scans through search engine results for keywords or phrases to determine the position of your webpage in real time. It shows the keyword position instantly as the test is being processed. If your website appears on the top page of a search engine result for a certain keyword, it means your site is in good condition. However, if it doesn’t appear among the first ten pages, then you have an issue. It shows that your keywords haven’t been optimized or you have gone against quality guidelines, which can attract a penalty.

Tips on improving your position using the keyword position checker

• Ensure you select the right keywords always for your site. Try using long tail keywords while focusing on lowly competitive ones. Consult keyword suggestion tools to know the number of effective substitute keywords.
• Use a word count tool to ensure that your article is between 350-500 words, it will more preferable to Google.
• Google has in the past penalized sites that added over keywords to their web pages, pay attention to keyword density
• Create high-quality backlinks for your website and keep on improving them as time goes. Use our tool to determine how many links are on your website and avoid cheap and low-quality links that can be bought in abundance. You don’t want a low keyword position rank and neither do you want to be banned by search engines.