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About www Redirect Checker

One of the practices that most major search engines attach a lot of value to is the ability to rightly configure website redirects. This is quite important because when a search engine crawls different websites, it is in a position to follow any available redirects that a webmaster may have set up. If you want to check redirect, you should utilize the www Redirect Checker tool to be able to make your site search engine friendly.

What is the purpose of the www Redirect Checker tool?

Consider the following illustration to understand the role of this important tool:

Assuming you run a site, http://www.example.com, and you have inserted a redirect in such a way that anytime a user enters the URL http://www.example.com, he or she gets an automatic redirect to http://www.example.com/landingpage. However, if a search engine is not in a position to follow this link, it will end up assuming there is no content on the http://www.example.com link. This result is that the http://www.example.com will have a very low search engine rank.

From the explanation above, it is clear that the www Redirect Checker tool helps you to know whether the redirect link in your website is search engine friendly. It ensures that visitors to your website get to view the content on your redirect links while giving it a high search engine rank.

Check Redirect to guarantee a search engine friendly website

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