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IP address stands for internet protocol address in full. It is a unique, specified and numerical address that computers and other computing devices use not only to identify themselves but also to communicate and interact with other devices in the internet protocol network.

An Internet protocol network on the other hand is simply the communication network through which messages are sent and received via the internet.

Functions of an IP address.

An IP address basically has two functions: First, it identifies its network interface, or rather what is known as the host. Upon identifying the host, it provides its location in the specified network by creating a path. What this means is that, each and every device located in the IP network must have its own IP address within the network for it to be easily identified.

An IP address can be compared to a telephone number or a street address in that it can be used to locate a network service in order to call or view a website or even deliver a mail message. In order to comprehend it better, you may be required to know the type of addresses found in an IP address.

Address types in an IP address:

Host Address: which is the address of a specified host in a network.

Network Address: which is the first IP address and serves to provide special connectivity services in order to communicate.

Broadcast Address: which is the last address in the range of IP addresses and allows a single host to make announcements to all hosts on the networks. This is called Broadcasting.

IP address tool and its importance.

An IP address tool is a tool that is uniquely designed to perform various functions in terms of finding out details. Some of these details include: Your IP address, region, country, city name, country code, internet service provider name, latitude and longitude besides other details.