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About Link Analyzer

Use our Free Link Analyzer to track links that search engines can easily detect when scrawling on some specific pages of your site. Using the online Link Analyzer tool is easy; enter the URL of a web page you wish to have analyzed and then click on the submit button. The tool will display results in a table that includes all outgoing links, as well as, all the incoming links. It will also show the associated anchor texts. In case the page contains hyperlinked images, the alt attributes of the images will be displayed as the anchor texts.

With the Free Online Link Analyzer, you can check the following features, among others;

-  The number of external links
-  The total number of internal links
-  The number of links that are on a particular web page in your website
-  The number of Do Follow and No Follow links on a web page in your website

Why You Should Use a Link Analyzer

Using a link analyzing tool will help in two major ways:

•  Helps in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Link Analyzer will help you determine how the outgoing and inbound links correlate. Often, for your website to be effective on search engines, it is not always useful to have a huge number of outgoing links. This is the reason it is always necessary to monitor how the internal and external links correlate.

Again, this tool is particularly useful when you’re researching other sites which link to you. This is because it gives such information as NoFollow tags and anchor texts being used.

•  Help you to limit duplicate links

It is important to try and limit duplicate links on your web pages. If duplicate links exceed 50% of the total number of links on a particular page, the strength, quality, and effectiveness of your link building are adversely affected.