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About Keyword Density Checker

Our Free Online Keyword Density Checker counts the number of words on a web page and the text that’s been used within head tags. Therefore, you can use this tool to see the phrases and words that are used frequently on the web page. You can then mirror those phrases and words in the best way possible in metadata tags, for instance, in alt text, and heading tags so that you improve your keyword relevance.

The Free Online Keyword Density checking tool identifies your key-wording mistakes, enabling you to make appropriate corrections. Such mistakes include overusing a keyword in your text. Often, your keyword density should be between 1% and 3.5%. When the keyword density goes beyond this, it may be considered as keyword stuffing, and Google may blacklist your site. You might want to check out our new Blacklist Checker.

The Keyword Density Checker will analyze your web page and display all the keywords along with their count (that is, the number of times each keyword appears). It will also show the density in percentage In addition to this, here is what’s also included in the report generated by our keyword density checking tool;

-  The page title
-  Number of images,
-  Meta information
-  Total inbound and outbound links
-  Nofollow and DoFollow links
-  Images’ alt tag count
-  Total words, among other aspects

Use our Free Keyword Density Checker to gain important insights about the web page content already on your website. It will also help you to improve the Search Engine Optimization of your website and increase your page ranking. While there is no set of guidelines put forward by Google as regards keyword densities, as noted, it is always important to keep the primary keywords at between 1% and 3.5% while secondary keywords (like long-tail search phrases) should be between 1% to 2%.