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About Google Index Checker

Google often searches the internet for fresh content in an effort to identify any new website or web page using search engine robots, also called Google Bots. These bots crawl each webpage or every website and list or index it in Google’s results. So, if you wish to find out the status of your webpage or to know its index number on this search engine, just use our Google Indexing Tool.

Google bots must first index your website after which you can then get your website rank position in Google search results. This means it is important for you to find out the number of pages that the search engine has indexed. Luckily, it is now possible to check any domain/subdomain and establish the number of pages that Google has indexed. Our tools make doing so possible; simply enter your URL in the box provided, and the tool will tell you if Google has indexed it or not.  

The tool even shows you your web page’s index number (the Google’s index number your web page is found). Note that search engines rank web pages according to their popularity, Backlinks and MozRank Score. If you wish to find out the backlinks of any of your web pages, use our backlink checker tool, and if you want to assess their popularity, use our Free Link analyzer tool.  

Our reliable Google Indexing Tool can help you check the position of your Google Indexed pages on the search engine results. It is very effective and as such if it ranks your webpage highly you should just know that your page is also ranked positively by search engines. We also have another useful tool that is closely related to this one; Search Engine Spider Simulator. This tool can help you check the Meta Keywords and Meta Tags that you used in your website.