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About Responsive Checker

About The Responsive Checker Tool

With our Responsive Checker tool, you will be able to check your website pages in different screen resolutions. It is specially designed to run checks on responsive sites. The resolution test shows you whether or not a web page is responsive. The tool basically shows the provided URL page in the screen resolution selected and various device screen sizes.

The responsive design is critical when trying to improve your website’s rankings on search engines. For instance, Google has on various occasions stated that they prefer mobile-ready sites to non-responsive websites. The company has pointed out that mobile SEO is critical for the entire Search Engine Optimization process.

Therefore, as a site or blog owner, you need to do some perfect Mobile SEO. The first step is checking whether or not your site or blog is readily responsive, and this is where our handy Responsive Checker tool proves helpful. There are several devices on the shelves today with different screen resolutions, and according to Google, your blog or site should respond to all of them by default. This stresses the need to have a quality responsive checking tool. Our tool will help you ensure that your site looks good on all the major device screen sizes.

How To Use The Responsive Checker Tool

To use this tool, copy and paste the URL or link of the page you want checked and then select the screen resolution size for which you want the test to be run. The tool will open a web page in the selected resolution and you’ll be able to check the responsive sites easily. You can then resolve the design-related issues found in your selected screen size, if any.

The Responsive Checker is a quality, highly advanced tool which has been used by many website and blog owners to set screen resolutions that are compatible with different formats.