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About HTML Minifier

The HTML Minifiner is a tool that enables you to optimize your site while aiding in the removal of unnecessary HTML code from a page. “Minification” refers to the act of eliminating unneeded characters, spaces, and any redundant code from the CSS code without altering the functioning or interrupting the source code of the pages.

One aspect that search engines consider to assess your website is the speed of webpage load and this is also what your visitors look at, more so if it is their first time. This tool will automatically identify the “unnecessary” from your HTML code and remove them without interfering with how the web browser processes it.

How To Use The HTML Minifier Tool

Online Minify HTML is user-friendly; you just need to paste your HTML code from the web page on a box that is provided. You can alternatively upload the file in bulk and the minified version of the HTML files is available to be downloaded. This file can act as a replacement for old files on your server.

Why Use The HTML Minifier Tool?

Websites contain multiple files that are hosted by the site server; the more CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files there are, the more it will take to load. The larger files have plenty of redundant data, which is in the human-readable format. This is data that the computer doesn’t require to understand, meaning it's okay for the code to be removed. Getting rid of this data only affects the size page load but doesn’t mess with the site’s functionality. The uncompressed file may have free white space, formatting, and code comments; the minify HTML tool will allow you to eliminate them from the HTML document.

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