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About Website Internal Link Checker

About The Internal Link Checker Tool

The tool checks all links in your website (regardless of whether they are inbound or outbound) and reliably gives you the value the links bring to your web page. Use our tool to promptly check the value of your internal links and adopt appropriate measures to improve your search engine optimization score.

The Website Internal Link Checker gives you the number of internal and external links hence providing everything you need to help your online marketers analyze the value of the various links on your site. It also helps online marketers enhance their link building techniques.

The number of internal links should be approximately equal to the number of external links. Use our useful Internal Link Checker to analyze the number of links your site has.

How The Internal Link Checker Tool Works

Internal Link Checker is extremely easy to use. Enter your link to the provided box and let our link checker tool check internal and external links on your web page. The tool will give you the number of outbound and inbound links your web page has.

Link Building happens to be the most complex and challenging task when performing Search Engine Optimization yet it plays a crucial role in your success. Website links form web routes used by Search engine robots (called Google bots) when browsing from one website to another. Seamless link building makes your website friendly to Google bots and as increase your success in SEO. You can ascertain the value of the links in your site using our Free Link Analyzer; it gives you the types and worth of the links on your website.

Broken links have negative effects on your search engine optimization efforts. Luckily, with our special Broken Link Checker ( a comprehensive tool designed to help you identify all broken links), you can find out if there are broken links in your website.

Similarly, if your site has no Meta tags, use our free Meta Tag Generator to create some.