Image Compressor - Compress JPEG and PNG Optimizer

Image Compressor - Compress JPEG and PNG Optimizer

Add up to 10 multiple image files
(Size Limit: 2MB per file | Supported Formats: JPEG & PNG)

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About Image Compressor - Compress JPEG and PNG Optimizer

About The Image Compressor Tool

The Image Compressor Tool intelligently optimizes your photo files (it
supports PNG and JPEG in the smallest size possible) without losing image
quality. It uses a smart compressor process to reduce sizes of image files thus
helping you to improve your website’s page load speeds. Large image sizes
require longer durations to load and this means your visitors will spend more
time waiting for them to load. Our Photo Compressor tool can improve your user
experience by making picture load faster making your web pages utilize less
space on your server.

Reasons to Use the Compressor JPEG & PNG Optimizer Tool

Images tend to use up a substantial fraction of download bytes on web pages and occupy a large fraction of your web server space. Consequently, optimizing the image goes a long way in helping you reduce the number of bytes required to download the pictures which, in turn, plays a significant role in improving SEO performance of your website. WebPage load speed is vital not only for your visitors but also for the search engines. A huge image size makes your web page to load slower, potentially provoking your visitor to either close your web page or press the back button. Either of these two actions increases your website’s bounce rate. As this bounce rate increases, your SEO performance deteriorates lowering your search engine rankings. Your web page does not need a large high-quality picture to create an impression and as such, you should use our compressor tool to enhance the size of your images.

Apart from this image compressor tool capable of helping you enhance your search engine ranking, we have other useful tools that you can use to optimize page load performance of your website. The tools include CSS Compressor Tool, Online Minify HTML and JS Compressor tool. These handy tools will help you a great deal; they automatically identify and eliminate the unessential or unnecessary, such as formatting and code comments, from your code without adversely affecting how browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome process the code.

You can then use our All-In-One Website Reviewer & SEO Audit Tool to review your website and establish your SEO Score. With this information, you can then implement strategies to improve your online presence and enhance your ranking in search results. The outcome will clearly show the usefulness of our CSS Compression Tool in boosting your SEO score. Our Website Speed Tests is also useful for analyzing the speed and load time of your web