Flag Counter - Website counter & Statistics

Flag Counter - Website counter & Statistics

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About Flag Counter - Website counter & Statistics

The Flag Counter tool allows you to attach a counter containing flags of countries from all over the world to a site. The counter will also display the sum of page views and the number of country visits. Whenever a person logs onto your site, the country from which the visitor comes will be displayed alongside the number of page views. This tool makes it easier for you to know the countries where your website is popular. Apart from that, the free website counter and statistics tool has proven its dependability and ease of customization. This tool will also blend the content of your site and its background with relative ease.

How you can use this tool

We offer website owners numerous ways of customizing a site that will assist you in all the changes you desire to make. This should enable you to change everything from the background of your site to the color of the text comfortably. You can also optimize the way visitors to your website show up so that it suits your preference. Once you have done everything that has been mentioned, what remains is to press on the “get your flag button” and the code required to make these changes on the website will be given to you.

Just like it is the case for Website counter & Statistics tool, there are times when we need to examine how our websites are fairing on social media. This is due to the high level of significance that social media holds in advertising for any company today.

Social Stats Checker is a relevant tool we provide that you can use to collect information and facts from different social media sites before analyzing them and coming up with enterprise selections. If you want to evaluate the general performance of your site, what you have to do is check the website reviews then audit the tool.