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About Domain Availability Checker

What is a Domain?

It is an address name through which web users can access your website. In simple terms it is the location of your website.

A domain name is basically used to locate and identify computers via the internet. This it does by storing IP addresses which are a series of numbers that can be easily forgotten by the human mind.

Domain names can not only be in form of numbers but also as letters and may be used in combinations of varying domain extensions like .com, .Org, .In, .Club, .net, .co and many more. Each domain name is unique as websites are not allowed to share a domain. Furthermore, you have to register a domain before its application.

Domain Availability Checker.

The Domain Availability Checker tool is a sophisticated tool that locates different domains and gives you update on which domains are present and which ones are not. One feature about this tool is its amazing ability to carry out numerous tasks at a go, for instance, it offers you the option of adding up to 20 URLs and displays feedback without delay.

How does it work?

The Domain Checker tool lets you see the domains that you seek, giving you the option of choosing one among very many domains. This tool lets you know if a domain you are entering is occupied or not. The Whois looker option offered by the Domain Availability Checker informs you on which domains are taken by someone and which ones are free.

Moreover, this tool lets you know the status of availability of the domain and is actually the best tool you can use to check for bulk domain availability.

How to use the Domain Availability Checker.

The simplicity is not the only thing distinguishing this app from the rest, but also the awesome speed by which it operates. All you have to do is copy and paste the URLs in the box provided and it will display the domains available as well as their statuses.