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About Dmoz Listing Checker

Online Dmoz Listing Checker

The Dmoz Listing Checker helps you to find out whether or not your site is listed in Dmoz. This is an important tool since major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo fetch website’s database from Dmoz. The websites are then indexed on the search engines’ database so they can then viewed in SERP. While submitting a website to Dmoz is free, it usually takes time to be listed there.

This tool is also essential as regards SEO. Often, being listed IN Dmoz means that you have a high-quality website with a very good reputation. Search engines usually give preference to websites that have been listed on Dmoz. These sites are normally ranked higher by search engines. Now with the Dmoz Listing Checker, you will find out whether your site has achieved the quality and reputation that would have it listed in Dmoz and, thus be ranked better by search engines. If it hasn’t then it means that you have to up your SEO stratifies.

The tool can also be beneficial to you if you are a domain investor. Use it to perform the Dmoz listing check and grab the domains that already exist in the Dmoz listing. If a domain hasn’t been listed, then you get some bargaining power.

The most extraordinary aspect of our free Dmoz Listing Checker is that it is fast and efficient. It generates reports in no time, and you can perform bulk checks. It is a specially designed tool that can check up to a hundred URLs at one go.

To use the Dmoz listing checking tool, enter your domain’s URL in the text-box provided. Hit Submit and the tool will give your results in no time. If you are bulk-checking, ensure that each domain URL entered is on an entirely separate line. Results will be displayed in a table.