CSS Minify - Minifier and CSS Compressor Tool

CSS Minify - Minifier and CSS Compressor

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About CSS Minify - Minifier and CSS Compressor

CSS Minify - Minifier and CSS Compressor Tool

This tool enables you to optimize and eliminate the unnecessary and ambiguous CSS code from your website. The term compressor magnify denotes the procedure of eliminating unnecessary spaces, redundant codes, and characters without altering the functionality or changing your webpage’s source code.

Our CSS Compressor tool detects automatically the unessential or unnecessary characters from your CSS code such as code comments and formatting and proceeds to remove them without interfering with how the code is processed by web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Below are some of the things that will be eliminated after compression.

• Code comments

• Whitespace characters

• Line breaks

• Block delimiters

How to Use Our CSS Compressor Tool

Using this free online CSS minifier tool is extremely simple; just go to your webpage and copy and paste it into the box provided. Alternatively, you can opt to upload your CSS files collectively, let our tool output their compressed and download them directly. Finally, replace your old files with the new ones on your web browser.

Reasons to Use Our Online CSS Compressor

Minifying CSS is very beneficial as it reduces the size of your web page thereby increasing your page load speeds. High Webpage Load Speed is very important especially when you are trying to improve the SEO performance of your website. If your page takes a long time to load your visitors spend a long time waiting for your website to display content. Subsequently, the long wait translates to the use of more server resource which in turn means more bandwidth usage. Low speeds, therefore, give your visitors an unpleasantexperience while browsing through your website.

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