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About Check GZIP compression

The Meaning of GZIP Compression

Check GZIP Compression is a tool that enables you to optimize your website to achieve higher overall performance by increasing your
site’s loading speed. Below is a detailed explanation of the meaning of GZIP Compression, how to carry out GZIP Compression on nginx.Conf or .htaccess and
how to find out of GZIP Compression is active on your website.

Check GZIP Test Software

This software saves between 50and 80 percent bandwidth and as such increases significantly your website’s loading speed.

Text files are subjected to compression (they are zipped) at the server and the visitors’ internet browser to regularly unzip the files as needs arise. Interestingly, the system compresses and unzips the files within a fraction of a second.

How the Check GZIP Compression Tool Works

Our tool will help you to find out if GZIP Compression is activated in your website or not. To use, it, enter the URL of the site that you want to check in the box provided and hit the submit button. The software will go through your website, establish if the GZIP Compression is enabled and
display its results. It will, therefore, notify you whether GZIP are active in your website or not. The results include the area name, the size of the fraction that is compressed and the one that is uncompressed.

It will also display certain header information pertaining to your website.

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